Why Invest

A global investment in small business.

No one today is talking honestly or with relevance to small business owners. That leaves them feeling misunderstood and frustrated. At GoDaddy, we get that.

We understand the owners. We’re here to be their champion and provide all they need to get their businesses online – a compelling customer value proposition that’s unrivaled industry-wide.

Most small businesses today have a disconnected presence across the Web — from their websites and email to social, review sites, listings, search engines and marketplaces. We connect the dots and help business owners seamlessly manage their experience with industry-leading products built on a single cloud platform. Then we back it all with a distinctive customer care model that’s available around the clock. Real people who understand real business and provide real answers.

But we’re not just here for business owners in the U.S. There’s a massive global market also feeling underserved. We understand that small businesses are a global economic force. Our expanded footprint offers products and support in 56 markets, 43 currencies and 29 languages – just the beginning of a simple goal to ‘turn the lights on’ for businesses around the world.

Is it working? You bet. We generated over $1.9 billion in revenue last year and saw double-digit growth year-over-year. We're with them for the long haul. From that initial, small investment in a domain name and website to a successful business with thousands of their own customers, we grow with them and they grow with us.

IR Contact

Investor Relations
Phone: (602) 817-7253

Questions for the Investor Relations department can be emailed to investors@godaddy.com or submitted by clicking on the button below.

IR Email

If you require customer service, please visit support.godaddy.com for live chat and help articles, or call (480) 505-8877 from the U.S.

International phone numbers for technical sales and support may be found at https://www.godaddy.com/contact-us.aspx

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