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March 05, 2015

GoDaddy Names Chief Customer Officer & New Chief Marketing Officer Barb Rechterman to Drive Customer Initiatives – Phil Bienert Moves to Marketing Chief

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (March 5, 2015) – GoDaddy, the world’s largest technology provider dedicated to small businesses, has appointed Barb Rechterman as its Chief Customer Officer. Stepping into the Chief Marketing Officer role is Phil Bienert, who has served nearly two years as GoDaddy’s Executive Vice President of Digital Commerce.

As Chief Customer Officer, a newly-created role, Rechterman will be responsible for aligning the company’s products, services and engagement models with strategic needs and values of GoDaddy’s unique customer base. GoDaddy has been a customer-centric organization since inception and distinguishes itself from most technology companies with its personalized brand of round-the-clock telephone support and consultation.

Rechterman has been with GoDaddy since it was founded in 1997. For 18 years, she has led a variety of disciplines, including engineering, customer care, communications and marketing, which gives her exceptional perspective across the many channels working to serve customers. Rechterman's been the company’s Chief Marketing Officer since the position was created in 2006. Under her leadership, name recognition for GoDaddy in the U.S. soared with an aided brand awareness score of more than 80 percent. Last year, Rechterman ranked on the Forbes list of Most Influential Chief Marketing Officers.

“This new role is one I was destined to take and a challenge I’m already running at full throttle,” said newly-appointed GoDaddy Chief Customer Officer Barb Rechterman. “Helping customers has always been our ‘North Star.’ From the start, it was about democratizing domain names and then quickly our goal grew to making it easier for customers to build an online presence with websites, hosting and eCommerce. As we expand internationally, we are scaling and innovating customer-relation strategies for a global audience. We’ve always known … as we take care of our customers and prioritize their needs, our overall business thrives.”

Expanding the GoDaddy brand globally with a core customer-focus is also the mission for newly-appointed Chief Marketing Officer Phil Bienert, who has spent most all of his career analyzing the “customer journey” from a data-driven marketing perspective.

Bienert joined GoDaddy in April 2013, as Executive Vice President of Digital Commerce. The former AT&T executive has vast experience with driving personalized, end-to-end customer experiences and creating world-class customer conversion programs. While at AT&T, Bienert led the online marketplaces as Senior Vice President, Consumer Digital Experience. Earlier in his career, Bienert led Customer Experience at CitiGroup and also held senior positions at Volvo and Ford Motor Company, where he drove brand and consumer product strategies.

Thus far, during his GoDaddy tenure, Bienert guided the transformation of the company’s own website design, improving navigation and usability. Last year, Bienert took responsibility for GoDaddy’s direct marketing function, beginning the transition to strengthen connections between marketing and website conversion.

“GoDaddy has a tremendous data platform, with an enormous amount of insight into the small business life-cycle which is helping us drive a more personalized marketing experience for customers. We are evolving every day to serve up the right information at the right time to maximize the customer experience,” said GoDaddy Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President Digital Commerce Phil Bienert. “We don’t just analyze our customers for what business ‘type’ they own … we look at each one from a psychographic point-of-view … to determine where they are in the stage of their own business development. That analysis tells us what they need and when, which in turn helps us serve customers even more effectively and efficiently.”

Bienert and Rechterman both report to Blake Irving, a long-time technology product executive with Microsoft and Yahoo!, who took over as CEO more than two years ago. Irving has championed a GoDaddy transformation by creating a vision and strategy to empower small business owners. He’s led a reinvigoration of products aimed at improving the lives of customers and hired top-tier talent to help scale the company. Irving has also prioritized promoting women in technology and shifting the company’s advertising to portray women as smart, successful business owners.

GoDaddy employs more than 4,000 people and is now serving nearly 13 million customers in 42 markets and 37 countries around the world. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz. U.S.A., GoDaddy has facilities across 14 other locations including Washington, Massachusetts, Iowa and California in the U.S.A. Globally, GoDaddy has locations in Mexico, Brazil, U.K., Canada, The Netherlands, Singapore and India.

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