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August 17, 2021

GoDaddy Payments Provides More Ways for Small Businesses to Get Paid with Online Pay Links and Virtual Terminal Offerings

As part of a rolling expansion of GoDaddy Payments, GoDaddy added two new payment capabilities, Pay Links and Virtual Terminal, to help small businesses take online payments without a website or online store—a segment of small businesses that are often left out of ecommerce solutions, despite consumers’ increasing preference for paying online. The addition of these new payment capabilities to GoDaddy Payments ultimately signals GoDaddy’s mission to empower everyday entrepreneurs is no longer confined to entrepreneurs who are online.

The first new feature is Pay Links, which makes it easier for small businesses like a craftsperson selling their goods on Facebook or Instagram to send Pay Links to their customers in whatever way suits their fancy; businesses need only to create an order and Pay Links automatically generates a URL that can be texted, emailed, WhatsApped, DMed etc. with customers. And how a business shares their Pay Link isn’t the only customizable feature. Pay Links are built with template options that provide space for a business’s logo and images of products or services, so their customers feel comfortable and secure when paying from their phones or desktops.

The second way GoDaddy made payments quick and simple is through Virtual Terminal, which transforms any computer or mobile device into a payment terminal. GoDaddy Payments’ Virtual Terminal was designed for businesses that take orders by phone, like your local pizza parlor—the Virtual Terminal dashboard lets a merchant input a customer’s credit card information manually through a browser or phone without requiring any additional hardware, so taking customers’ orders over the phone is easier than remembering what day of the week it is.

Best of all, payments are made to merchants as early as the next business day. Upholding a promise of transparency, with GoDaddy Payments there are no setup fees or long-term contracts. GoDaddy Payments accept all major debit and credit cards, and pricing for Pay Links costs a standard fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction, while Virtual Terminal transactions are priced at a standard fee of 3.3% + $0.15 per transaction. GoDaddy Payments uses advanced online encryption and maintains the strictest payment card industry (PCI) compliance standards, keeping all parties protected during every transaction. 

With the new Pay Links and Virtual Terminal offerings, small businesses can attract and serve their customers with a customizable and affordable online payment solution that suits their unique needs—whether that’s a local restaurant, flower shop, or your favorite photographer selling their prints via social media. 

When GoDaddy Payments launched in June 2021, the focus was on ecommerce; but these new additions offer online payment options for small businesses that thrive without a heavy digital presence or dedicated website. Both Pay Links and Virtual Terminal tools work on their own or in tandem with GoDaddy’s e-commerce offerings, with in-person payments coming later this year.  

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