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October 12, 2021

GoDaddy’s Point of Sale Seamlessly Integrates With WooCommerce, Making In-Person Sales Quick and Easy

In September 2021, GoDaddy launched GoDaddy Payments’ new point of sale (POS) hardware and industry-low credit card transaction fees, which rounded out GoDaddy’s commerce solution to offer businesses the ability to sell, track and manage sales in more places than any other comparable platform. And now GoDaddy POS is fully integrated with WooCommerce online stores to make in-person payments quick and simple.

WooCommerce continues to be one of the world’s most popular e-commerce solutions, processing billions of dollars in transactions. However, integrating and managing in-person sales with a WooCommerce online store hasn’t always been seamless and can be time consuming and difficult for website developers and business owners alike.  

GoDaddy designed GoDaddy POS systems to be fully integrated with WooCommerce, so stores can incorporate in-person selling with their WooCommerce sites faster and start selling right away. This integration eliminates the need for multiple logins across platforms to manage their store, cuts down on training time and helps stores launch in-person payments quickly, ultimately saving businesses both time and money.  

All of that is made possible because, with GoDaddy's POS expansion, now both in-person and online transactions can be managed from one convenient WooCommerce dashboard: the Payments Hub. GoDaddy POS utilizes GoDaddy Payments and does not require a plugin for online or in-person payments—so once GoDaddy Payments in-person selling is up and running within the Payments Hub, businesses can securely accept payments anywhere their customers are, whether that’s at their storefront or on-the-go at events, farmer’s markets or food trucks. The dashboard provides business owners the state of their business in one snapshot. It serves as one product catalog so developers or business owners can easily list products, manage returns/refunds and their online and in-person inventory.  

Opting for GoDaddy Payments will also help businesses keep more of what they sell. GoDaddy Payments offers industry-low transaction fees, with 2.3% per in-person transaction and 2.3% + 30 cents per online transaction—saving businesses on average 20% off of their credit card transaction fees. GoDaddy Payments accepts major credit cards and debit cards, and businesses are paid as soon as the next business day.  

GoDaddy’s POS is a proven, easy, and profitable POS system for WooCommerce for developers and business owners. If a business already uses a WooCommerce site with GoDaddy, they can quickly add GoDaddy's POS offerings from their Payments Hub and start selling in-person. Developers interested in a more simplified payments experience can get started building a WooCommerce website with GoDaddy here, and GoDaddy Payments will automatically show up within the payments setting page of their WordPress admin dashboard.  

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