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July 28, 2021

Introducing GoDaddy Studio: The Design Destination for Everyday Entrepreneurs

More than ever, it’s crucial for small business owners to have polished branded content, to stand out on social media platforms, email marketing campaigns, and on their website. But producing it is often challenging and time-consuming for entrepreneurs wearing many other hats.

Today, GoDaddy is introducing GoDaddy Studio (previously known as Over), a new suite of creative tools designed for small- and medium-sized businesses looking to make a big impact on social media. GoDaddy Studio enables entrepreneurs to create beautiful visual content for all platforms. The tools are built for use by non-designers, offering professional results, even for beginners.

GoDaddy Studio includes thousands of customizable templates and easy-to-use tools, providing small business owners with a variety of options to develop visual assets. New features include the ability to layer video over images to produce attention-grabbing posts.

In the coming weeks, users will be able to easily remove backgrounds from images to create stunning product shots.

These capabilities can be complicated and laborious using other design software, but are accessible to everyone using GoDaddy Studio.

Small business owners can quickly and easily create a range of visuals, including logos, ads, branded content, and more - all of which can be used on a range of platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, email campaigns, and more. With social media becoming a key channel for online presence, marketing, and selling, expertly designed posts with compelling content are essential for growing any business. Good design is a huge part of a company’s success, and GoDaddy Studio is making it easier.

According to findings from Hubspot, when a Facebook post has images, it earns about 2.3x more engagement than it would if it has no images.

By removing the friction and saving time in creating branded content, GoDaddy Studio is helping entrepreneurs more easily realize their creative vision for their businesses and connect more effectively with customers.

 “What I’ve found is that there’s no need for me to be a graphic designer,” says Ruth Frettingham, cofounder (with her twin sister Helen) of Tapestry Revival, an Australia-based seller of rare and beautiful needlepoint kits from yesteryear. As she and her sister got their business off the ground, they tried other platforms, but found that GoDaddy made it easy to design for the web, mobile, and social. “The good thing about GoDaddy Studio is that if I want something more than simply a photograph on my social media, I can very easily create something from the templates or create my own custom design.”

GoDaddy Studio enables Tapestry Revival to create a cohesive look across all their channels, which Ruth describes as fresh and clean, in keeping with their classic-meets-cool approach to vintage. GoDaddy Studio also made color and font selection easy, one less thing to worry about as they connect with customers in Australia and the United States. “We started as hobbyists and amateurs, and what GoDaddy has enabled us to do is take the leap and confidently compete in the market with a professional look” Ruth says. “That’s absolutely critical for success.”

Get started now by downloading the GoDaddy Studio mobile app for iOS and Android, or by visiting GoDaddy Studio.

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