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March 22, 2022

GoDaddy Automates Ecommerce Sales Tax for Entrepreneurs, Launches Commerce Plus with Avalara Partnership

Business owners have a lot on their minds. From selling their products and services online and managing day-to-day operations to hiring and training employees, memorizing the ever-fluctuating sales tax rates for over 13,000 U.S. jurisdictions is something GoDaddy doesn’t think business owners should have to think about. Sales tax laws for ecommerce have grown increasingly complicated, which is why GoDaddy has launched its new Websites + Marketing Commerce Plus plan equipped with Avalara AvaTax, an automated sales tax solution.  

The sales tax automation feature upgrades GoDaddy Online Store capabilities and frees business owners from having to manually track their transaction thresholds for each state to know if/when they owe sales tax, log the sales tax rates for each state, and keep track of when those rates change in order to stay compliant. Instead, with AvaTax, GoDaddy Online Store automatically calculates the appropriate tax amount needed to follow both state and product-specific tax compliance rules from behind the screens.  

GoDaddy’s AvaTax integration is the first of its kind to factor marketplace sales into determining whether sales taxes need to be collected in a given state—which is especially valuable in an environment where small businesses are increasingly selling across multiple channels. GoDaddy’s Commerce Plus plan includes AvaTax without limits on the number of transactions per month, so small and mid-sized businesses can easily expand and sell their products across all 50 states without worrying about hitting limits on checkouts or additional fees.  

Beyond simplifying sales taxes, the Commerce Plus plan enhances GoDaddy’s Online Store with other new features—like unlimited product listings, higher marketplace order limits and increased email marketing campaign sizes —designed to best suit growing business that sell their products across the U.S. Entrepreneurs can also opt to pair their Online Store with GoDaddy Payments, which offers the lowest card transaction fees compared to other leading providers at 2.3% + 30c. 

“GoDaddy is increasingly focused on powering growing businesses with connected commerce tools that simplify selling across online stores, point of sale, and ecommerce marketplaces,” said Greg Goldfarb, VP of commerce products at GoDaddy. “Dealing with the nuances of differing sales tax regulations as you grow can be a major headache. Commerce Plus is designed to solve this and other challenges that get in the way of taking a small business to the next level.”  

With AvaTax, GoDaddy Online Store will also export sales data instantly to provide businesses with consolidated sales tax liability and exemption reports, giving entrepreneurs the tax data they need to more easily prepare tax returns. 

“Having up-to-date tax information and the ability to automate calculations at checkout saves businesses time and money, as well as helps reduce their compliance risk,” said Greg Chapman, SVP, global partnerships and channels at Avalara. “GoDaddy is committed to empowering businesses focused on growth, and we’re proud to support them by providing automated sales tax calculations and help lessen the burden of sales tax compliance on business owners.” 

Running a business is already a full-time job. At $29.99 per month for the first year, GoDaddy’s new Commerce Plus plan makes sales tax simple for business owners and scales with them as their business continues to grow, so entrepreneurs can focus on literally everything else. With a 4.6/5 star Trustpilot rating, entrepreneurs can trust GoDaddy will continue to deliver innovative products focused on helping small businesses thrive. Businesses can learn more about GoDaddy Online Store here

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