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February 15, 2022

GoDaddy Taps into QR Codes And Empowers Entrepreneurs To Accept Payments On Mobile Phones

GoDaddy continues to make e-commerce and in-person payments faster, easier, and more accessible to small businesses with its latest release of QR codes for on-the-go transactions. Ideal for the small business venturing into selling at farmer’s markets and the like but are unsure about purchasing a point-of-sale device, they can now start accepting payments in-person with GoDaddy Payments and the GoDaddy Mobile App—without investing a single dollar in hardware.  

Without a terminal, dongle, or card reader, small business owners can accept payment using a unique one-time QR code generated on their smartphone via the free GoDaddy Mobile App for a smooth, contactless and quick sale. Their customer simply needs to scan the QR code from their own smartphone and complete the transaction using their preferred credit or debit card—providing complete flexibility and eliminating friction from the need to sign into third party payment apps.  

Each QR code is personalized and for enhanced security, the code automatically expires once the transaction is completed. And with heightened concerns around in-person shopping due to the pandemic, this latest feature of GoDaddy Payments offers a completely contactless way to pay, so more than credit card information stays protected. 

GoDaddy Payments mobile QR codes have helped Jesse Whitfield of Nutty Addictions, a handcrafted, gourmet snack company based in Alpharetta, Georgia, sell his treats in more places without impacting his budget. “This is a great option for those who cannot afford point of sale devices but want to let the customer maintain a higher level of privacy when paying in-person,” Whitfield says.  

GoDaddy Payments offers one of the lowest transaction fees in the industry, at 2.3% + 30 cents for QR code transactions—and just 2.3% flat for its POS hardware. Businesses can apply for GoDaddy Payments here; most GoDaddy customers get GoDaddy Payments set up in minutes and can start taking payments right away.  

This QR Code offering is just one of the ways GoDaddy continues to innovate in commerce and make taking payments, whether online or in-person, a seamless experience for both our everyday entrepreneur and their customers.   

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