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August 16, 2022

GoDaddy Leads the Charge on Improving Core Web Vitals for Customers 

Today more than ever, high SEO ranking and fast, reliable website performance are critical for small businesses. From Day One, website performance, along with customer experience, has been a pillar of GoDaddy’s mission to empower a worldwide community of over 21 million customers by giving them all the tools they need to thrive online. 

GoDaddy is always looking for new ways to improve performance and optimize its customers’ web experience. To help them rank better in search after Google announced that website performance score, Core Web Vitals, would be included in its algorithm for SEO rankings, the company launched an initiative to boost their Core Web Vitals and render sites better for customers. Over a six-month period, GoDaddy made some back-end changes that have doubled the average score of passing sites and the company now ranks well above the level of competitors. Even more, GoDaddy customers can easily take advantage of these improvements simply by republishing their site to gain all of the benefits.   

GoDaddy’s new best-in-class Core Web Vitals ranking has been boosting the consumer experience of their customers’ sites and how their site shows up in search engine results. Core Web Vitals focuses on improving customer experience in three categories: loading performance, responsiveness, and visual stability. Improving your Core Web Vitals essentially translates to fewer customers bouncing from your website – which often means more purchases – and greater word of mouth endorsements.   

We also improved our Core Web Vitals by 75%, which allowed us to identify and correct non-optimal performance throughout the codebase, and with SEO becoming such high stakes for businesses looking to get started online, these improvements could not have come at a better time.  

Whether a site is fast or slow can dictate consumers’ perception of a small business’ brand. To keep them coming back and seeing a business as one they should engage with (and purchase from), how a website performs should always be a priority. With site speed having a proven effect on conversion rate and customer retention, continually improving site performance will always be a top priority at GoDaddy

To learn more about how GoDaddy's Websites + Marketing service improved customer Core Web Vitals by 75%, click here.   

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