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June 15, 2022

GoDaddy Studio Launches a Link in Bio That Truly Represents Any Brand

There are countless ways for small business owners to connect with potential customers online. There’s the main website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds. Oh, and the Pinterest board, YouTube and TikTok channels. And those are just the best-known ways for an emerging brand to grow online. As the constellation of places a business can show up to customers grows, the number of links it needs to share grows along with it.  

To help businesses and entrepreneurs promote all their important sites, from online stores to their social platforms, GoDaddy enhanced its free GoDaddy Studio app with its latest feature: Link in Bio. Launched in July 2021, GoDaddy Studio provides easy-to-use resources entrepreneurs need to create beautifully designed content for use across social platforms, website and email marketing, with no design skills required. And now with Link in Bio, entrepreneurs can create a professional and branded mini-site to organize links in one convenient place.  

Link in Bio makes it easy for entrepreneurs to stay on-brand and maximize engagement across all of their channels with the ability to customize and prominently display an unlimited number of links in their social media bio. With just a few clicks, links can be easily added, removed and reorganized in any way to prioritize what matters most, making this mini-site the one-stop destination for customers to connect with a business.  

Small business owners can also tap into a variety of templates, photos, fonts, content and colors already available in the GoDaddy Studio app, to maintain cohesive branding while choosing a custom URL link to publish within their bio for a professional touch. A new feature, Color Palette, which is currently available on iOS and will soon be available on Android, will make this customization even easier by allowing entrepreneurs to try a variety of color palettes with one tap to match their brand.  

Making it seamless to connect with customers through Link in Bio using the GoDaddy Studio app is one more way GoDaddy, who has a 4.6/5 star rating on Trustpilot, is empowering businesses on the web, mobile, and across the social ecosystem.  

Businesses can download the GoDaddy Studio app for free today on their phone and tablet on iOS and Android devices to begin creating their own Link in Bio. To learn more, click here.

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