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February 23, 2023

GoDaddy Makes Getting Paid as Easy as Registering a Domain Name

In the U.S., there are over 32 million small businesses that face an unprecedented array of challenges to keep their businesses running. That’s why it’s so critical for them to build a memorable brand and shopping experience to keep their customers coming back. GoDaddy is dedicated to providing the help and tools small business owners need to succeed, which is why the company just launched Payable Domains.

For more than 30 years, domain names have been essential to the digital identities of entrepreneurs and companies worldwide. Yet during this time relatively little innovation has occurred–– until now. Payable Domains are branded pay links that create a secure checkout page, shareable via a link, that allow anyone to begin accepting payments the moment they purchase a new U.S.-based domain name, even if they do not yet have a website or online store. Any domain purchased after, or for any existing domain owners, the respective Payable Domain can be accessed through their GoDaddy back-end dashboard.

Accepting digital payments from day one is now frictionless, with no setup fees and ready within minutes. By simply sharing their enabled Payable Domain with customers, entrepreneurs can easily begin accepting payments – customers are able to check out securely by entering their credit card information and sending payments instantly. Payable Domains can be easily shared via social media, text, or QR code, and the checkout page can be customized to match the look and feel of the business or suite of products, allowing customers to have a more personalized and credible experience. And with GoDaddy Payments’ industry-low transaction fees of 2.3% + $0.30 per online transaction, small business owners save about 20% compared to other providers, keeping more of what they make.

This is the perfect solution for small business owners who want to simplify how they get paid – seamlessly and intuitively, making it a breeze to receive payouts as early as the next business day. Payable Domains is making it easier than ever to start selling online inspiring entrepreneurs in their journey of firsts.

This rings true for Mandy Helwege, a digital artist and owner of Seeing Double Edits, based in Denver, Colorado, who sells customized pet portraits. She has been using her Payable Domain and finds it to be powerful and straightforward.

“I am not super tech-savvy. I needed something easy and somewhat customized,” Helwege said. “I loved that my Payable Domain was ready to use, easy to take card payments and was able to be personalized. It wasn’t rocket science. Time is money when you’re a business owner – the easier anything can be done, the better.”

Helwege said her customers have been impressed by how professional her branded pay links look. Being able to use her own branding, Helwege’s Payable Domain,, provides her a more personalized and credible feel and allows her to serve more customers who prefer to pay with a credit card, rather than sharing a link to a third-party payment platform that requires a special account and login.

Since much of her time is spent working on her customers’ pet portraits, Helwege appreciates the simplicity of GoDaddy’s back-end dashboard, which makes tracking revenue a snap.

“I’m an artist. I don’t like reports and having to go to many payment services to gather information,” Helwege explained. “I appreciate having access to everything in one place. It’s super easy.”

The company that simplified getting online, whether creating, hosting, or marketing a business, has now made accepting payments just as easy.

Consider registering a new domain to secure your own Payable Domain today!

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