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October 04, 2023

New GoDaddy Smart Terminal Features Help Reduce Checkout Time at Brick-And-Mortar Retailers

While ecommerce continues to trend upwards, many small businesses still rely on in-person sales as their primary income source. Think of your local furniture store, nail salon, or corner café. For these businesses, every sale and customer experience matters.

To support quicker consumer and small business experiences at checkout, GoDaddy infused a host of new capabilities to its award-winning Smart Terminal Point-of-Sale (POS), which was first introduced in September 2021. The latest Smart Terminal features help small business owners work smarter, not harder, by providing real-time notifications and reports and optimizing everyday tasks to be faster and more efficient.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Reports on recent orders, tips, sales tax, discounts and deposits are now easily accessible through business owners’ GoDaddy dashboard as well as the Smart Terminal itself, provide real-time business performance
  • Notifications through the Smart Terminal when customers place online orders for pickup or delivery to better manage and assess inventory needs in real time
  • Enhancement in usability and accessibility, as Smart Terminal is now compatible with third-party applications that allow small businesses to run loyalty programs, manage employee scheduling and more
  • Quick contactless payments, including digital wallets Apple Pay and Google Pay, speed up the checkout process—allowing customers to quickly tap and go and businesses to ring up more sales

There are also several new features currently in beta, which GoDaddy will be rolling out over the coming weeks, including:

  • Visual product catalog incorporated into Smart Terminal, along with changes to the user interface, provides product images that make it easier for cashiers to find the correct product and help reduce errors at checkout
  • Increased product discoverability and product search expedites the checkout experience and reduces customers' wait time
  • New Smart Terminal customization options, for example, business owners will be able to create editable 'Favorites' lists for easy access to their most popular items, or customize product catalogs based on a lunch menu versus dinner menu, further speeding up checkouts
  • Out-of-stock labels, stock counts and the ability to adjust inventory directly on the terminal help ensure business owners don’t oversell or run too low on hot-ticket items

In Mesa, A.Z., Dr. James Bogash of Lifecare Chiropractic began using the GoDaddy Smart Terminal in 2023 after his previous POS system caused headaches for both employees and patients. The previous POS didn’t itemize each service on receipts and only displayed one lump-sum total, creating more work for his staff to sift through papers to answer patients’ questions on what they’d been charged for.

However, the GoDaddy Smart Terminal POS handles all of this and more, providing Lifecare Chiropractic customers with an easy-to-understand invoice with line items for each service or product and a quicker checkout experience. 

"We are extremely happy we switched to GoDaddy. The terminal is amazing and intuitive, highly customizable, and the reports are easy to access from anywhere," said GoDaddy customer Dr. Bogash.

The GoDaddy Smart Terminal is powered by GoDaddy Payments and its industry-low transaction fees at 2.3% + 0 cents per in-person transaction, which can help small businesses save over 20% on card processing compared to other leading providers. 

These latest Smart Terminal updates, paired with its flagship capabilities like Buy Online Pick Up In-Store to help encourage more footfall in retail stores, are designed to help businesses run more efficiently so entrepreneurs can focus on growing their business. To learn more about the GoDaddy Smart Terminal POS, visit


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