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May 09, 2023

Release Notes – April 2023

Welcome back to GoDaddy Release Notes, a blog that provides entrepreneurs and small business owners the latest news, product updates and innovations. In April, GoDaddy rolled out several products updates to Websites + Marketing, Domain Portfolio and Afternic 2.0 Beta. GoDaddy Registry also announced the addition of five more top-level domains being added to its domain name portfolio. Read on to learn more: 

  • GoDaddy Enhances Online Appointments with Social Booking and Multi-Day Events
    • GoDaddy boosted the online appointments tool in Websites + Marketing, providing service-based merchants new ways to grow their business. Small businesses can now offer events that span multiple days, whether they are three-day retreats or week-long events. Additionally, entrepreneurs can leverage and promote their availability on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, making it easier for customers to book appointments directly from social posts. These updates can help small businesses improve their online appointment scheduling and grow their customer base.

  • Domain Portfolio Manager and Domain Settings Beta Product Updates
    • Domain investors now have access to a series of new product updates for Domain Portfolio and Domains Settings Beta. These updates have been specifically developed to improve the user experience, making it easier and more efficient to manage your domains.
      • Domain Portfolio:
        • Fixed domain status column – now both “Registrar Hold” and “Invalid WHOIS” have the same status of ‘On Hold’
        • Added CashParking revenue stats
      • Domain Settings Beta:
        • DNS section has a new ordering of subtabs
          • DNS Records are now first
          • Premium DNS and Hostnames are newly added subtabs that bring parity with standalone pages

  • Latest Enhancements to Afternic 2.0: Choose Landing Page and Verify Ownership
    • Two significant upgrades are now available to Afternic 2.0 Beta users as of late April 2023: landing page selection and automated ownership verification. The landing page selection system will enable customers to quickly and efficiently change between “Request Price,” “Buy it Now,” and “CashParking” landing pages. The automated ownership verification system replaces customer service-led verification, providing a faster way to remove outdated listings, and will allow sellers to add up to 50 domain names at a time. With these new features, domain investors can now streamline their domain management process and improve their overall experience.

      Learn more about these exciting Afternic 2.0 Beta updates by clicking here.

  • New Domain Extensions to Join the GoDaddy Registry Portfolio
    • GoDaddy Registry continues to grow as one of the largest registries in the world and are committed to offering the best domain options to its registrar customers. Most recently, GoDaddy Registry announced the arrival of .gay, .health, .ink, .tattoo, and .wiki top-level domains (TLDs) to its domain portfolio. The addition of these five TLDs provide more choices for meaningful and memorable domain branding that best suits a customer’s business, brand, or personality.

      Read more about the new TLDs that are joining GoDaddy Registry, here.

Check back next month for the newest updates on the tools and resources GoDaddy is designing and delivering to help small businesses grow!

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