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June 29, 2023

American Dream Defined by Comfort, Happiness and Freedom, Say Small Business Owners in GoDaddy Study

TEMPE, Ariz., June 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- New survey results from GoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY), the company that helps entrepreneurs thrive, show that almost three-quarters (74%) of U.S. small business owners say their perception of the American Dream has changed. Small business owners today define their achievement of the American Dream as living a comfortable lifestyle (56%), feeling happy with their life (54%) and having the freedom to pursue their passions and interests (49%).

In your opinion, which of the following

indicate that you have achieved the

American dream? 


Living a comfortable lifestyle

56.4 %

Feeling happy with your life

54 %

Freedom to pursue your own passions

and interests

49.2 %

Owning your own home

45.2 %

Being your own boss

38.7 %

Having money/assets to leave to your


33.7 %

Being able to pay off your debt obligations

27.2 %

Having equal rights and access to


26.1 %

Owning a car

18.1 %

Earning enough to move into a higher

income bracket

17.5 %

Getting a better education than previous

generations in your family

14.9 %

Sending your children to college

14.3 %

Feeling like you belong in the USA

14.3 %

Becoming or being an American citizen

9.1 %

Improve your social status

8.8 %

Going to college 

8.6 %

74% of U.S. small business owners say their perception of the American Dream has changed.

However, 39% of small business owners do believe that being their own boss represents an achievement of the American Dream. This link is more pronounced among male (43%) than female (36%) small business owners. It is also particularly resonant for business owners who identify as Black (46%) and of Hispanic, Latino or Spanish origin (43%). Despite this, just 6% of people cited that as a 'top three' reason that they started their own business, with reporting women slightly higher than men (7% vs 5.5%).

While the majority of American small business owners believe that being a successful entrepreneur is a key way to create new generational wealth (78%), many have modest business aspirations, wanting to either stay a 'solo entrepreneur' (28%) or maintain being a small business with some employees and maybe a physical location (35%). Only 12% aspire to one day become a corporate business with a large employee base and headquarters. While revenue growth (63%) is unsurprisingly a top indicator of small business success, according to the survey respondents, other indicators point to the importance of emotional contentment rather than material accomplishments. For example, achieving happiness (60%) and a healthy work-life balance (60%) rounded out the top three indicators of success.

Just under two-thirds (62%) of American small business owners are confident they will achieve what they perceive as the American Dream, with male business owners showing more confidence than female (71% vs. 55%) and Millennials reporting themselves as the most confident generation (66%).

Small business owners do, however, face daunting economic concerns. For instance, 80% of small business owners agree that inflation is currently impeding entrepreneurs trying to achieve the American Dream. When reflecting on their biggest financial challenges:

  • 42% rated some level of difficulty in access to financial capital when starting their business
  • 23% pointed to rising costs of wages and materials
  • 23% cited lack of personal wealth, which is notable when 55% used personal savings to start

Other top barriers to the American Dream for small business owners include:

  • Lack of access to technology (33%)
  • Lack of access to free/affordable healthcare (32%)
  • Lack of education (28%)
  • Discrimination (28%)
  • Inadequate language/communication skills (24%)

"This survey data shows that American small business owners are thinking beyond revenue and sales growth when they consider what the American Dream means to them – today it's more about feeling a sense of belonging, freedom, happiness, and work-life balance," said GoDaddy Chief Marketing Officer Fara Howard. "Whatever their interpretation is of the American Dream, GoDaddy is committed to helping these entrepreneurs achieve success on their terms."

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