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October 07, 2021

GoDaddy Makes Video Creation Easy and Accessible To Small Business Owners With Expanded Vimeo Partnership

If content is king, video marketing is definitely queen. In recent years, video has proven to be a powerful tool to communicate with (and engage) large audiences, while simultaneously giving brands a major boost. One 2021 survey found that 84% of consumers say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a video, and 86% of video marketers said that videos increase traffic to their sites.

However, for many small businesses, the biggest barrier to video content is often the amount of time and technical savvy required to make professional-quality videos.Enter an expanded partnership between Vimeo, the world’s leading all-in-one video software solution, and GoDaddy’s Websites + Marketing. With the new platform integration, customers can create and share brilliant, professional quality videos, in less time than it takes your morning coffee to brew, to attract customers and increase engagement.

Within an intuitive dashboard, small business owners can choose from 700 free video templates with customizable fonts, colors and music to achieve the exact look and feel they want. Small businesses can easily swap in their own images, logo or video clips to make each video truly an extension of their own branding.

Now cue the seamless integration. Those fancy new videos are stored directly to their GoDaddy media library and can simply be added with a single click onto a website or shared across social channels from one central place. Busy business owners can manage everything from their GoDaddy portal. Which also means they only have to remember one password and can save the brain bandwidth for more important tasks.

Ed Harris, co-founder of WeWalk, a Fort Worth, TX-based health and wellness mentorship organization, posts between 3 to 4 videos on the WeWalk’s GoDaddy website a month. Harris recalls video formatting and integration taking “forever” in the past, but with GoDaddy’s Vimeo integration, “it takes less than ten minutes.” 

“Everything that technically needs to happen happens behind the scenes,” Harris says. “It’s so smooth.”

With the time he saves, Harris can focus on what he cares about most: Getting WeWalk members out of their homes and onto their feet through workshops, gamified routines, and community building. “The goal is to be evangelists for going outside,” Harris says. Video is essential to spreading that message. WeWalk plans to double its video offerings in 2022, including the creation of a private members only area made possible through Vimeo’s easy to navigate privacy settings.

With only 4% of consumers preferring to learn about a new product or service via an infographic, gone are the days a static image was enough to captivate people’s attention. Successful brands find ways to innovate and engage customers in their preferred mode of communication, and for 69% of consumers, that’s through a short video. (Which is why we have a video demonstrating how small businesses can design branded videos with GoDaddy, below!)

Through this partnership with Vimeo, GoDaddy continues to empower small and mid-sized business owners, putting the right tools in their hands to better reach customers— wherever they are— and ultimately grow their business.

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